Light art, flashlight and cellophane


“Man is born and dying. It is not easy to remember
those who survived the ninety years - the people
they met, knew, loved ...
Even more difficult to evaluate what he did.
Or wanted to do ...
To tell about the past, which lives in your present,
rushes into the future.
You feel a traveler who tries to capture the clouds
that are going through the sky forever.
Parts escape, but the overall feeling remains."
Ivan Kavaleridze

We are not able to be completely objective towards the reality that surrounds us, we deform it involuntarily, we remember selected fragments, our most powerful experiences. We often forget what is not in line with our beliefs, and more what we want to believe in or what is important to us. The memories of the Kavaleridze, although they may resemble testimonies, are very subjective, but we can learn a lot about Soviet, Ukrainian and Russian culture, as well as some about French culture. They certify his existence and the existence of people and things that surrounded him and which he had the opportunity to meet. Some information escapes forever, remains hidden and will never see the light of day, we can only rely on suppositions and speculations.

Recollection Recollection

Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Diploma in the Studio of animated film and visual communication. Currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Art UP im.KEN in Krakau. "I am interested in kinetic and design processes and the application of new technologies in art."

Katarzyna Piróg

Katarzyna Piróg