Documentary film and collages

Rebellion forms

I was interested in the sculpture of Ivan Kavaleridze "Revolt" / 1976 /. This amazing work looks different: from massive, emotional and expansive - to a thin line that almost dissolves in space. It was interesting for me to investigate how modern women see her, what they understand by rebellion, in what forms does this individual rebellion or protest manifest? Do you want today, in 2018, to repeat this frank gesture of despair and pain?

I chose the form of the interview as the most open and honest form of conversation. Interestingly, rebellion is perceived as energy, which must be given a way out. Like something without which something new is not born. "Life begins with a riot."

In the colleges I used quotes from conversations with each participant and the very sculpture of Ivan Kavaleridze “Rebellion”, its forms.

Directed by Svitlana Ostrovska
Operator Olexander Dzhantimirov
Installation Irena Vallé-Luna
Music Maria Kebu


  • Agnes Kropyvchenko
  • Inna Zharkevich
  • Natalia Khalimovska
  • Svitlana Ostrovska
  • Lubov Hetmanska
  • Julia Strikovska
  • Daryna Zhylina
  • Vladyslava Piun
  • Julia Meduna
  • Eugenia Berezina
  • Olga Solon'ko

Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms Rebellion forms

I love art and people. I am engaged in collages and communications. Freedom and development is something without which I cannot imagine myself.

Sveta Ostrovskaya

Sveta Ostrovskaya