Audio tracks and anaglyph image from photography

The Contemplating

The monument to Grigory Skovoroda by Ivan Kavaleridze, was installed on March 1, 1977 on one of the oldest squares in Kiev - Kontraktova.

Every day the sculpture becomes an involuntary observer of thousands of lives, a participant in creative processes and changes. Every day here, a slow cultural revolution is born. Micro changes, which eventually form a new culture. The author of the work joined Gregory in meditative contemplation, fixing the sounds: morning, day, and night.

On the columns around the anaglyphic image of the monument, you will see the headphones. Take them and listen.

The 4th column with the music of the Ukrainian punk rock band "Robots Don’t Cry" is a symbol of the emergence of a new, alternative culture. The foot of the monument was chosen by musicians, there they still sing rock with guitars.

The Contemplating The Contemplating The Contemplating

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Zoya Pamirova-Matros

Zoya Pamirova-Matros